Places To Eat

Some of the favorite places to eat in the the region


Zum Löwenbräu

Really nice place for good franconian food. In summer there is also a beer garden to enjoy. The brewery "Zum Löwenbräu" has been owned by the Wirth family for more than 260 years. There is a small shop on premises for buying curios and if requested they are also happy to give a tour of the brewery which is on premise.

Neuhauser Hauptstraße 3, 91325 Adelsdorf, Germany 

Pizza Hut

Only a couple of places in the area for an american style cheese filled crust pizza. Good for families with kids.

Fronmüllerstraße 78 - 80, 90763 Fürth, Germany

Breite G. 35, 90402 Nürnberg, Germany




Potentially serving the best Indian food in the region. Its a chain however the Nuremberg branch is not too high on service with sometimes it bordering on being rude. As such for good food, and an overall better experience would advise the Erlangen branch.

Martinsbühler Str. 1, 91054 Erlangen, Germany

Boogie's BBQ

A traditional American smokehouse. Limited seating so do call to book in advance.

Nimrodstr. 10

90441 Nürnberg

Tel.: 091194933920