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A part of the 20,000 hectare big Reichswald Forest, the Tiergarten Nürnberg offers home to more than 150 different native bird species and over 50 domestic mammals. The highlight is the Dolphin show but there are also Malayan tapirs, Visayan spotted deer and Indian rhinoceros from Asian woodlands, Red panda, Lowland tapirs, Squirrel monkeys, Macaws, Harpy eagles and also sea cows (manatees).

You can pack a picnic (plenty of benches around) or get food/drinks from various outlets inside. 

There is also a large kids play area and petting zoo.


Wildpark Hundshaupten

Something different than a zoo. Good for families over the week and of course on weekends. It is a nice hike with multiple trails of different difficulty.

You can also carry a picnic.

Enjoy the drive and time permitting there are other activities that can be also done in the Franconian-Switzerland area. 





Feature 3

One of the few places that always offers movies in their original versions.

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